Friday, 31 May 2013

Join our Young Hooves Kids Club!

Are your young ones big fans of horse racing? Do they enjoy cheering on their horses at the races? Then why not sign them up to our brand new, Young Hooves Kids Club.

Singing up to the Young Hooves Kids Club is completely FREE and there is no cost or membership attached. Members of the Kids Club will initially receive a goody bag including:

• A welcome booklet with puzzles and information about horses
• A certificate for becoming a member of the 
• A members badge
• Binoculars 
• Crayons

Members will also have access to games and information on our great Kids Club website!

Archie, the ARC mascot will also send a special birthday treat to members.

It is a fantastic way to engage young children into this great sport of ours and we hope you will join up and enjoy your time as a Young Hooves Kids Club member.

Sign up now...

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Owners and Trainers take centre stage with complimentary food in new policy

A standardised policy for Owners and Trainers benefits has been created across 14 of the racecourses in the Arena Racing Company (“ARC”) group. Adding to the recent announcement of an increase in prize money and the additional free entry to all of ARC’s courses for annual members, the Group has now announced a major overhaul of its Owners and Trainers policy.

ARC has spent the time to review the policies across the group, listening to Owners and Trainers and discussing plans with the Racehorse Owners Association. Complimentary food, tea and coffee has now been introduced for all owners and trainers with runners on the day, and a complimentary owners annual car park label will be issued to those with runners to ensure a smooth start to the day – and for those lucky enough to have a winner - a bottle of champagne, a trophy, a DVD and a framed photograph will be awarded by the racecourse to celebrate a good end to the day.

Complimentary Badges will be allocated with six being issued to sole owners and eight to partnerships, and all fixtures will be included in the ROA Owners Badge Scheme, which offers qualifying members free entrance to participating racecourses.

Furthermore at some courses, additional facilities have been made available. At FontwellPark the Grade II Listed Fontwell House in the picturesque gardens has been converted to an Owners and Trainers Facility.

Jim Allen, Racing Director at ARC said: “We recognise the importance of the race day experience to owners and we were keen to ensure a consistent standard across all of our racecourses, many of whom were already offering a great deal of benefits to owners. We have listened to owners and trainers and we know that this enhanced package will be welcomed by them. Wherever possible we are keen to react to feedback from our customer groups and organisations, such as the ROA to help us achieve high levels of customer satisfaction”

Full details of all the new benefits on offer will be sent to all owners and trainers in a newsletter which outlines the policies in detail.

These improved benefits follow on the announcement last month of prize money increases. In 2013 total prize money at ARC operated tracks will reach £24.3m, an increase of 18.5% on 2012’s total of £20.5m

The ARC Group's executive contribution now totals £9.6m, which amounts to a 166% increase over the last three years, £6.0m more than that which was paid in 2010.

Richard Wayman, Chief Executive of the Racehorse Owners Association said:
“The ROA welcomes ARC’s enhanced offering for owners and their commitment to improving the owners’ raceday experience. It is essential that whenever an owner has a runner, they feel valued by the racecourse and its staff, and ARC deserves credit for increasing its investment in the levels of customer service that it will provide across all of its courses.”